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When is the Cutting Edge 2019 conference? Tuesday, 17. 9. 2019. Starting at 9.00 and lasting till eternity (19.00 officially). Official schedule can be seen here ➡ SCHEDULE! And where? At the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (Večna pot 113, Ljubljana). Why should I come? We noticed that researchers in the beginning of their careers lack information and knowledge about how to effectively communicate their research and expand their focus outside their home labs. This is why this year's conference's theme is Communicating in Science. My research is not connected to chemistry, should I come? The answer is a definite YES! There will be two poster sessions that are dedicated to researchers in the field of chemistry (see below), but the plenary lecture, the discussions with all the invited speakers as well as the afternoon workshops (see also below) are open for anyone in any career stage from any field of research! Ok, souds interesting, who will be there? Hopefully you 😉 And also Alok Jha, who will give a plenary lecture. He is currently a science and technology correspondent at The Economist, but he previously worked for ITV News, the Guardian and the BBC. We also invited three researchers, whom we will talk to about possibilities offered by EU to facilitate and promote research via different schemes such are COST actions, ITN-MSCA fellowships and ERC grants. Who are those researchers? COST actions will be presented by Andreja Kutnar. She is currently the only Slovene COST action holder. She will talk more about what COST actions are, what the benefits of being involved in them are and how to join them. ITN Marie Curie PhD fellowships will be the topic of Katerina Peterkova, who comes from Czech Republic and will share with us her experience about ITN-MSCA programmes, why to choose to study abroad and what her experience in Slovene reseach is. ERC grants will be presented by Matevž Dular, who is a holder of an ERC consolidator grant. He will talk about ERC funding, his exciting research and how to plan and build your research career. And the afternoon workshops? We plan to have two parallel workshops; one will be held by the one and only Noah Charney! He will lead one of the afternoon workshops focusing on narration and storytelling in communicating research results. The other workshop will be awesome too (yes, we understand it will be hard to choose!)! Barbara Luštek Preskar will tell you all you need to know about How to make presentations in science more engaging. Can't wait? Neither can we 🙂 Poster sessions were mentioned before. Can I present? If you are a Bacchelor’s, Master’s, PhD student or a PostDoc (finished your PhD not earlier than in 2016) and you are involved in research in one of the three Cutting Edge topics (Science behind the Living, Materials of the Future and Technologies for the Earth and Environmentes) the answer is yes! Best posters will be awarded 😉 Will there be a Book of Abstracts? Yes. All abstracts will be joined in a book, which will make it possible for the authors to require a COBISS entry. What do I have to do to present a poster? You have to register and send the abstract to us no later than on June 30th. More info for registration and abstract submission can be found here Do I have to register even if I do not have a poster? Yes. To join the event, you need to register and pay the registration fee. The registration fee includes: presence at all the talks and workshops, two coffee breaks, a lunch and a coctail mingle. Info about how to pay can be found here. The fees are: 10 € (Bacchelor's, Master's and PhD students) 35 € all the rest I have more questions, where to send them to? Just write us ( and we will be happy to answer!