When will Science Slam happen? Monday, 16. 9. 2019, starting at 19.00. And where? Atrium ZRC SAZU (Novi trg 2, Ljubljana). Em, what exactly is a Science Slam? A Science Slam is an event, which we organize together with the Science on the Street team and the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. At this event chosen participants will present their research in a very simple and popular-scientific manner understandable to broader public. The audience will then choose the best three presenters, which will also be awarded. See presentations from the 2018 Science slam here for more information. So, it will be held in English? No, good that you pointed it out! All the presentations as well as the event itself will be held in Slovene language. My oh my, I would like to present! Is a 15min PowerPoint presentation ok? No and no. You will be given 5 min to persuade the audience. No PPTs are allowed. You are, however, encouraged to bring any additional objects on the stage to make your presentation more interesting. This includes also one (silent) human helper. More info on how to prepare a presentation will soon be available on the Science on the Street site (link coming soon!). What kind of topics will be chosen? Can anyone present? Presentations are reserved for Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhDs and PostDocs involved in research in one of the three Cutting Edge topics (Science behind the Living, Materials of the Future and Technologies for the Earth and Environment). It does not matter which institution you are working at! When is the deadline to apply and what do I have to do? The deadline to apply is July 15th June 30th. All you have to do is send us (cutting-edge@fkkt.uni-lj.si) a short text (250 words max) explaining who you are and what you would like to talk about. Committee will let you know the lastest on July 30th if you have been chosen. Abstracts of chosen presentations will be included in the Book of abstracts of the Cutting Edge conference.  All presenters will be given a confirmation about their presentation, which can be used as Cobiss entries. I would only like to come and listen! Do I have to buy tickets? Great, welcome! The event will be free of charge, however you will need a ticket to reseve a place. We will let you know when the tickets are available. Can I bring along my grandparents? Of course you can :) Everyone is welcome to join! I have more questions, where to send them to? Just write us (cutting-edge@fkkt.uni-lj.si) and we will be happy to answer!