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IMG_8407_2 (2)Sara Drvarič Talian, PhD student

chemistry student working at the National institute of Chemistry, researching lithium – sulfur batteries, former president of the Student Organization of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology 





Marina (2)dr. Marina Klemenčič

biochemist, currently  located in Sweden due to the post-doc research involving biotechnology of algae and cyanobacteria



Jakob (2) (2)dr. Jakob Kljun

postdoc researcher, working in the field of synthesis of platinum-group coordination compounds, the study of their biomedical applications and single-crystal X-ray structural analysis


_DSC2828 (2) dr. Aleš Ručigaj

postdoc researcher, working in the field of self-healing and shape memory polymer materials



12311258_10207397765569685_3354054871300751813_n (2)Aljaž Gaber, PhD student

a PhD student in biochemistry trying to explain structural characteristics of a tumor marker’s oligomeric states, utilizing various different biochemical aproaches