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With the collaboration of Ljubljanski univerzitetni inkubator we are proud to announce the "Perfect Pitch Workshop". The workshop is free of charge for registered participants at this year's Conference. Registrations are still open! Click on the button below to register.

15/09 at 2 pm

3 h

Each researcher should have a short presentation or description of their research work, which they would share at conferences and meetings. How we present our research could have a major impact on how others see us at our work. It takes us quite some time to prepare a convincing pitch that the audience won’t forget the minute you step down the stage. But the stage is not the only place where you need to know how to pitch. Effective articulation of your ideas is important also when applying for grants, looking for a job, or just trying to impress someone.

In the workshop you will learn:

How to start preparing a pitch?

Why is it important to make a good pitch and how?

How to draw a pitch that convinces?

Pitch structure - what do we say, how, and when?

Non-verbal communication and how it adds up to your words?

How to approach an audience.


Do not hesitate and write to us by clicking on this link, we will be happy to help.